Bellevue BIG partnership

Every partnership can be unique to itself, the level of involvement is dependent on the needs and desires of the partner. There are several ways that businesses and community groups can partner with Bellevue BIG. 

2. Mentor:

Bellevue BIG tries to offer the best learning experience for all of its students. A mentor relationship with a business or community group is probably the best way for a student to gain knowledge about a certain field or discipline. It also helps the student to network and connects with people in that field, as well as, navigate real-world creative work environments. These mentorships can provide meaningful community outreach and offers an opportunity for employees to work with mentees that could be future employees.


1. Projects:

Bellevue BIG is always open to adding projects to our project pool. Businesses or community groups that have project ideas, that are not a top priority, provide our students with a real-world learning experience, that allows them to apply the knowledge they have gained through their schooling, and gain vital employability skills. Providing projects to Bellevue BIG could beneficial in injecting a youthful energetic approach to projects and could provide productivity at no expense.

3. Investor:

Real-World Projects require real-world resources. A monetary or equipment donation is one of the best ways to ensure the sustainability of BIG and student opportunities.  This helps drive public support and recognition for both BIG and business/community group.

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